Who I am ?

Here are some testimonials that will describe me better than any other speech !!!


Deliver a musical performance and a luminous atmosphere of high reliability adapted to your desires. My aspiration for 8 years has been to live for what get me going: to provide well-being associated with music. My only objective is to satisfy you by innovating and guiding you towards the quintessence whilst adapting to and decoding your desires.


Establish a first telephone contact. Meet as much as possible or via modern means of communication (Skype, Facetime, …) Define a musical schedule of the day. Question exchange.

Sound Equipment

– A pillar BOSE – 1000 Watts, discrete and stylish to provide sound to your cocktails, ceremony, meal, speech… outdoors
– A fixed BOSE pillar speaker – 3000 Watts, powerful and high performance to sound a dance floor up to 300 people
– A BOSE equalizer to equip and amplify other musicians
– A microphone for your speeches or other needs
– Two CDJ 2000 decks PIONEER
– A DJM 2000 PIONEER mixing table
– Digitized audio database of more than 300,000 classified and indexed songs
– A spare on all the above mentioned equipment

Lighting Equipment

– LYRES automatic spotlights, for dynamic scanning and precise highlighting.
– LED spotlights for the colorful animation of the dance floor
– LED spotlights for enhancing the location
– Stroboscopes to intensify the party
– A laser to give depth and accentuate the light decoration
– A control console and a computer for the proper operation of the lighting equipment

Video Projection

An HD projector as well as all the existing connectors (Mac / PC) will be installed on request from you or your guests. Your movies or slideshows will be shown on a mobile screen installed in the most appropriate location.

Additional accessories

Smoke machine and confetti cannons to efficiently supplement the quality of the service